10 Important Facts about Mena Region

The word Mena is an abbreviation of the Middle East and North African region. There are multiple facts about this Mena region that are still discovered, and there are many other facts that are not known, but people are unaware of them.

The ten most important facts about Mena that everyone should know are;

  1. The area covered; MENA region has covered a vast area of land. Its boundaries start from Morocco, goes to Iran and other Middle Eastern countries. It has encompassed total 22 different countries.
  2. Population; the total population is around 381 million, which makes 6% of the total world’s population.
  3. Natural reserves; MENA region is held accountable for 60% of world’s oil and 45% of natural gas reserves, therefore known to be the main region for the entire globe’s economic activities. These two natural resources make Mena a land of economic stability. It also makes it more powerful as these two resources are the backbone of any country’s economy and growth. Saudi Arab is the major source of oil and gas reserves.
  4. Economic stability; for the past few years many new reforms regarding the private’s sectors have been implemented for trade openness and economic stability. These reforms are being designed to diversify and develop the modern private’s sector. These reforms were mainly presented to promote growth, and it mainly includes the MENA-OECD initiation on the governance and competitiveness for growth and development. This reform can lead to the design and implementation of better and broader economic reforms that can benefit the climate for investment, governance and operational structure will be modernized, and this all will cause economic development and the sustainability of Mena region.
  5. Religion and ethnicity; as this region covers most of the middle east and the North African countries, so the dominant religion of this region is Islam. Islam is the religion that is being practiced by the people of Mena. Out of the total population of Mena, 91% of the population is of Muslims. Which makes total 23% of the total world’s Muslims.
  6. Non-Muslim countries are also part of Mena; Israel is the non-Muslim country of this region. Israel is the country which follows the Jewish religion. Apart from this Jewish country Cyprus, Georgia and Armenia are other Christian countries of this region.
  7. The continents; Mena combines the total location and are on three different continents Asia, Africa, and Europe
  8. Mena and resources; the availability of rich resources have made Mena more prone to different issues and conflicts of interest.
  9. The major conflicts; the fall of Ottoman Empire made it more conflict attractive. Israel is the main country which has brought up many conflicts the way of Muslim countries. The major conflict being initiated was between Israel and Palestine. The Iran and Saudi Arabia conflict also affected this region which leads to the conflict between Berbers and Arabs.
  10. Wars and 21st century; the intervention of United States in one of Mena’s country Iran badly affected the peace of this region. Arab spring leads to civil wars in Syrian, Libyan and Yemeni region.