Testing For Drugs

How Drug Testing Works  

The most common way of testing for drugs is through checking a urine sample. This is probably because of the convenience it offers both to those doing the test and those being tested. Getting a urine sample is easy and painless. It also requires limited tools to get a sample. Urine testing is also popular because it can be used to test for a wide range of drugs. Some common drugs tested through a urine sample include, amphetamines, benzodiazepines, barbiturates, marijuana, cocaine and narcotics among others. This makes such a test more useful than a breath test, which though equally easy can only be used to check for alcohol usage. There two types of urine tests that can be carried out; the most common one being immunoassay. This test detects how the drugs interact with the user’s immune system, and the body’s ability to form antigen-antibody complexes. The results from one of these tests uses cutoff points, which are expressed in nanograms per millimeter. Any number below this cutoff point is a negative result, while any number above the cutoff is positive. Therefore, you might have just consumed a small amount of the drug but still fail the test just like someone who has pumped his or her body full of drugs.  

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