Things to do in the Moroccan Sahara desert

Where is the Sahara desert

Moroccan Sahara Desert is located in the North Africa surrounded by the various regions such as the Western Sahara, Chad, Libya and the red sea hills. Sahara is a place of attraction for the visitors in the Morocco. People visit the sand dunes and ergs in the desert to do the fun and enjoyment things. Some of the things to do in the Moroccan Sahara are as follows:

  • Meet with the locals

The most interesting and worthy activity to do in the Sahara is to meet with the locals of the desert. It helps to identify the habits and values of the people of that are living there. The culture of the desert can be understood by talking with the people and getting to know how they spend their lives.

  • Ride on the camel

Riding on the back of the camel is the most interesting activity to do in the Sahara. People take this ride essential as a part of the traveling to the Moroccan desert. In the desert, riding on the camel is a difficult task because of the high level of sand dunes.

  • Sand surfing

Slipping on the sand dunes helps the people to do sand surfing. People take their snowboard on the sand dunes for the sand skis in the Sahara. Players take it as their most valuable activity as the skating practice in Sahara requires some skills. It is one of the best things to do in the area.

  • Spa day in the Sahara desert

It is the unique and the healthy activity to do in the Moroccan Sahara. Locals of the desert bury their body up to the level of the neck in the sand of the desert for few minutes. It helps to keep their body muscles strong. It makes them healthy. But it is done carefully because doing it for the longer period will take you near to the death. However, it helps in getting rid of many health issues including the joints pain.

  • Campfire sitting

In the winter season, the climate of the desert is almost cold in the night. Locals and travelers of the Moroccan Sahara burn the campfire and sit around it. They take tea and have an interesting conversation with fellows. It is the most precious things to do in the winter season of the desert.

  • Watch sunset

It is very interesting to watch the sunset sitting at the sand dunes. It presents the beautiful and natural view for the travelers to picturise it and enjoy with the fellows.

  • Horse riding

Horse riders utilize the sand dunes of the Sahara desert for the horse riding. It is the valuable place for the horse riders for their riding practice. If you love to ride a horse, you will surely enjoy it.


So, these are a few things that you can do in the Moroccan Sahara Desert. Moreover, do not forget to explore the culture, history, and lifestyle of the desert. These places often have a special association with the history.